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How to Join SAS and How I started Digital Scrapbooker

Scrap Addict Sundays is open for everyone who loves Digital Scrapbooking. If you want to join the SAS just comment here. Blogrolling code will be emailed to you. Please grab my badge from the sidebar and put it in your sidebar. That's all and Happy Scrapping!

If you have themes that you would like to suggest just let me know. I will be glad to include them!!!

How did I started Digital Scrapbooking? Well, read away!
Many of you are asking how to do the Scrapbooking so here it is. I hope I can be of help. Thank you for admiring my Scraps.

Digital Scrapbooking - What is it all about anyway? Please read here:

I have discovered Digital Scrapbooking long time ago but I didn’t really pursue it. It’s because I don’t really know exactly what to do. I remember looking at peoples LOs (layouts) on the internet. I was fascinated by it. I was admiring their works and I said to myself I want to do that. I started downloading freebies from the internet and started doing some of the QPs. QP means a ready made templete. You just add your photo and it’s done. I just keep downloading freebies ’til to this day.

Anyways Minnie taught me how to do the basic scrapbooking from the scratch. She taught me how to do the background, how to add the photo and the text. Thanks a lot Minnie. Later on, I discovered how to do the kit on my own. But still I didn’t have the courage to show my works until I started lurking at Dropshots where all the Pinay posted their LOs. They inspired me and I just did it. I joined them and we are just having fun sharing our scraps. Thank you all Dropshots Buddies! You know who you are.

What do you need to do Scrapbooking? Well, you need photo editing software, photos and kits.

Where to get it? You can buy software or you can try 30 days trial or use free software.

Softwares: Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop,, Fxfoto, Scrapbookmax, Scrapbook-Flair

  • If you don’t have experience with PSP or Photoshop I recommend Scrapbook- Flair. Everything you need to do a LO is already there. If you want a challenge why not try everything! Hey! whatever suits you. When you download freebies from the internet you have to remember where you got it so that you can give credits.

Check my side bar for Scrapbooking links. Everything you need is there!

I just want to warn you though that it can be addicting.When I’m at work all I could think is what’s my next LO, What picture I’m going to use, What kits. Call me crazy but it’s the truth. But you know sometimes I won’t be able to do the LO no matter how excited I am. As you know I have a 2 year old daughter that needs my attention. If I don’t pay her attention I probably going to replace everything in my house. Abby just love to poke everything in the house or she could get hurt…You know what I mean Mommies!

Getting Started on Digital Scrapbooking by Jenny Limayo.

Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

QP, bow, button both by Amor Leblanc. Kit purchased at Scrapping Garden.

Font Used: Edward Script ITC, Brockscript

Kit by Jenny Limayo purchased @ Scrapping Garden.

Font Used: Brody

Tag from Jenny R. Kit by Jenny Limayo purchased @ Scrapping Garden.

Font Used: Loki Cola

Tag from Jenny R. Kit by Jenny Limayo purchased @ Scrapping Garden.

Wordarts by Tina Chambers @ DSP. Font: Brody

Harmony paper by Manu, Doodles by Ida at Catscrap, Stamped block & metal plate family by LaWanna Desjardin.
Font used: Georgia

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