Monday, August 4, 2008

Fine Art Gallery

We finally able to hit the beach tomorrow and I had fun. I usually don't go in the water but yesterday the water was warmer than last year. Sometimes I just love to sit on the shore and watch the people enjoying and as you know I love taking pictures. I 'm just an amateur photographer and everytime I shoot I learn something new. By the way it was Sauble Beach. It took us a long time to get there but it was worth it. Anyway aside from Scrapbooking and Photography I also love arts and I adored canadian artists like Jean Dallaire and Alice Des Clayes. There are more other talented canadian painters out there and I wish I could paint too. It's so amazing to see their work you know. Everytime I see a piece of art I'm just like Wow! incredible talented people. Well, if you are fascinated with arts too why don't you take a look at the art galleries in this post. I promise you will find something interesting and cool fine arts. You will be amaze by this talented artists. One of my favorite contemporary artist is Pace Geraldo. I love his work totally amazing. He is very talented and it blown me away.

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