Saturday, November 22, 2008

Application Errors

As I was saying this afternoon that we were planning to see cars so we went there at 6pm but it was already closed at 5pm. We were so disappointed because we wanted to test drive them. Anyway we hang around for a bit and hubby dod look at some cars. Well it was dark and cold too. I guess that's why they close up early. Well we are planning to go back in the morning so hopefully we can find the right car for us. We are also going out of town in the afternoon so it's going to be busy for us tomorrow. Anyway I just want to mention something about dwwin.exe dll initialization failed and you know this is foreign for me since I don't know much about computers and networking. But you know this site has a great information and will tell you all about it. If you want to learn about this applications then visit the site. An is helping users to identify what Microsoft Windows processes. I mean there's so much to learn about this so feel free to visit anytime. Computers and networking these days are very in demand. Almost everyone own a computer and working online. From time to time we encountered error so that's why it's important to learn more.

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