Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digital Frames

You probably don’t believe that I never sat on Santa’s lap before not ever. When I was growing up I never even heard about Santa’s lap only Santa Claus but never see him like we do see him in the mall or parades. I guess because I used to live in the village or barrio. That’s why Santa Claus is not very popular in my household. Now that I’m here in North America I can’t believe how Santa Claus meant to everybody especially kids. The first time I came here I was in the mall and saw of kids sitting on Santa’s lap for pictures. Some kids were crying and scared of Santa’s. I guess because of his beard. I guess some kids enjoyed it too. Anyway how’s Christmas shopping? I’m wondering if you got a wish this Christmas? What is it? I was online a while ago and trying to upload my picture. I can’t believe that I was sitting on Santa’s lap. It’s remarkable how this new technology can create such memorable gift The digital frames is perfect for your parents, grandparents. I know how they love to see their grandchildren and kids growing up. You can visit http://www.sitonsantaslap.com/?utm_source=b for your shopping needs. By the way don't forget to enter the contest for 500 dollars prize.


jasssy said...

Grath Post

Tristian said...

Digital frames are really best gift and these are very useful...

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