Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hello friends! How are you today? Winter is finally here and you can stop it. As much as I love snow I also hate cold. I was planning to go out yesterday to the mall for shopping a party dress but I didn’t go out. It was snowing very badly and too cold for me. I stayed home instead and did some of my blogging stuff. I watched Filipino soap opera for a little bit in my laptop and then watched movie in the TV with hubby. It was called “The Rose with Bette Midler. It was old movie and I didn’t really like it. Well I’m still planning to go to the mall for that party dress. We have a company Christmas party this coming Saturday and I don’t have a dress to wear. I must admit I haven’t bought a dress in a very long time since I had my daughter. I’m still debating whether I’ll buy one or not. I don’t have a choice though because I don’t really have a dress to wear. I gained weight since I had a baby. Anyway I’ll think about that some more when I get to the mall. On the other hand I need to get some Christmas presents for friends just anything that’s affordable for my pocket. I’m thinking of shopping online and getting some of the popular holsters stuff. I was just browsing the site a while ago and saw some really nice stuff there. There products are good quality and real leather and also famous to military, law enforcement and the hottest Hollywood stars. But don’t you worry civilians are included. If you shop right now and buy Galco holsters products worth over 75 dollars you will get a free ground shipping plus you get a free hat as well.

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