Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Acobay Network

Hello friends! How’s your morning? I woke this morning around 7am and packed my daughter’s lunch. O got her bag ready but my daughter didn’t get up. She said she was still sleepy. I gave her some time to sleep a little bit. Finally she got up before 8 am. She got dressed and ate her hotdog. I took some pictures before we went to School. We got there a little bit early before the bells ring. We went inside the school to wait because it was too cold outside. Anyway I left the school and went the grocery store to pick up some chicken, banana, hotdogs and vegetables. When I got home I cooked chicken soup for dinner. I am now getting ready for work but before that I want to share with you this consumer network online. I remember before that I signed up here and I just login to my account. I don’t have a lot of stuff here but I tried uploading some photo. I find this site very useful especially for those who love photography. I love posting photos in my blog you know and acobox is the best place to share your photos because you can hot linking and it’s free service. While I was there I had a chance to visit their blog, forum and look at some photos. I looked at different categories from animals, flowers, landscapes, architecture, people ,plants, technology and many more. I tried posting in the forum too. You can check out here.

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Prettymom said...

good day ata agring, i am new in scrapping tanong ko lang po if pano maglagay ng frame na pd ko malagyan ng picture. thanks

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