Thursday, January 8, 2009

Make Yourself Young

I can’t believe that my daughter is sick after going back to school. I don’t know why this is happening and she missed School today. Me on the other hand I came home from work last night around 7:30 because I was so sick too. I was going to call that day that I wasn’t going to work but I didn’t want to miss work since we just returned to work after 2 weeks. But then last night I feel so cold and all my legs were in pain that’s why I decided to go home. Last night I had to wear double clothes and blankets and gloves as well. I don’t know why my logs were in pain until now. It never happens to me before. Looks like I miss work again tonight. We supposed to work 10 hours yesterday and today. Well enough about me. I will talk about you now. This time it’s about boob jobs where you ladies will be looking young and beautiful. I just visited this site and looks like a lot of ladies have been there to do different jobs like facial surgery, body reshaping, liposuction and many more. You can them for free consultation. Don’t worry their surgeons are very knowledgeable and skilled.

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Prettymom said...

thanks for the comments. di ko pa din alam pano i-cut an pic na pareho sa frame. In my first layout i just put flower element para di makita ang nakalabas sa picture kasi may design ang frame.

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