Tuesday, November 10, 2009

British Airways

It’s been very cold for some time but this week we have some really nice days. I always love fall you know because you can enjoy the color. But I haven’t really enjoyed the color this year because I have more important things to do than that. I had a baby 2 months ago and since then I have been busy. Anyway talking about fall makes me think about the winter. Winter sometimes can be a drag if it’s really cold that’s why a lot of people are going somewhere else like Europe and USA. Just perfect timing because British Airways is offering a big world sale right now. You should hurry now and get your ticket which is very affordable and starts at 386 from Canada. This is the best time and your opportunity to travel. Pick your dream destination and you can combine your flight, hotel and car rental and that makes a package. You can save a lot more money by doing this. I love to go to Paris. It’s always been a dream for me. It’s only 494.00 round-trip from Toronto to Paris. Wow! I should book a fight before the sale ends. The world sale will end by November 19. Hurry now!
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