Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can see

As we getting old we are feeling a lot of things in our bodies. We get pains in our joints and everywhere else. And also we become weak and less active but not all though. When we get old our sight becomes blurry as well and we need to go and see a Doctor for eye or Optometrist. In my mother’s case she was suffering from cataract and she had surgery twice already. She has been wearing eye glasses for many years now. Thank God her eyes are not bothering her anymore. Her eye glass is working well but she needs some extra eye glasses because sometimes she misplaces it. I told her that I can get her some really cheap eye glass online. She was delighted to hear it from me. She spent about couple hundred with her eye glass before. I know it’s too much money. But now I know where to get an 8 dollar eye glasses. I could use some of this eyeglass that I’m talking about since I’m having problems reading with small words. I‘ve never experience this before and it makes me sad a little bit. My mom-in-law said that when we are reaching at the age of 40 and up our eyes start to deteriorate.

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