Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ecommerce web hosting

I can’t believe it’s been 16 years that I have been using computers. I remember before how ignorant I was with technology especially with computers. I must say I can now do a lot of things on the internet on my own. I taught myself how to use the computer including how to type. I’m also leaning html, making websites. I did get a lot of help from online friends. I also managed to learn from online tutorials. They are very easy to follow a friendly user and it’s free too. I own 10 blogs right now and making money as well. I have to use ecommerce web hosting for my sites in order for it to work online. I’m very proud of myself because I never thought I could learn something like this without going to School. Now I’m very happy as well because I am using my talent in blogging and continue learning how to be a better blogger. I am very thankful that we have internet and computers. They are great tools for us too because we are able to communicate with our friends and family all over the world. Anyway I’m also very happy with my web hosting!

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