Sunday, August 22, 2010

Custom t-shirts

Month of August is almost over. There’s only 1 week more to go and month of September will be here. It’ back to School for my daughter too. It’s also my time to go back to work after 1 year maternity leave. I can’t believe how time flies so quickly. It was just like yesterday. When September comes it’s also time think about shopping. You know Christmas shopping! I told myself that this year will be different in terms of holiday shopping. I will do it earlier. Shopping has been convenient for me these days since I learn to di it online. As long as you have PayPal account there is no problem at all. In fact last week I ordered a custom tshirt. It’s about photography and it says” Peace…love... photography and there’s camera image in it. I got it on time and I really love it. The service is awesome so I’m thinking of ordering another shirt for my daughter. I will probably order like sports t shirts or school shirts. I think it’s better to ask my daughter what she wants or I could go to Death by T-Shirt blog to get an idea. When I browse the site 2 days ago there are tons of photos to look at. I have to go now and happy shopping to all!

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