Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It’s almost 12 midnight and I’m still up trying to finish up something in my computer. I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. I hope the weather tomorrow will be good. Anyway I just want to mention here that I will be talking about business car insurance and other type of insurances. I don’t know before those insurances are very important in one’s life. I only knew before about life insurance and then I found out that if you own a car you must have insurance. It’s a law and there’s no exception. When I rented my first apartment I had to get an insurance too to protect my belongings like jewelry and furniture’s. Ten years ago I start working in an auto shop manufacturing making car parts. When I became full-time we were offered group health insurance coverage for all employees. Health is very important too so not only car and home. As I said before everything has to be insured even for a dog. Can you believe that! While we are at talking insurances I might as well talk to you about Insurance Information Exchange and I don’t really know what exactly that is. My friend mentioned it at one time when we were talking about where to find cheapest car insurance.

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