Saturday, September 25, 2010

Year of the Mom

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I was watching a program on TV yesterday called “Crash Test Mommy”.  The idea behind the show is that someone substitutes for Mom for a weekend while Mommy gets to take off for a relaxing weekend of having dinner with her husband, getting her hair done and riding around in a limousine.

I would love to have someone take over for me for a weekend!  Maybe now that it’s the Year of the Mom , someone might do it for me.

Even if someone would take over all the boring regular chores I have to do day in and day out, it would be a Godsend.  Then I could have more time to do the things that always seem to get crowded out of a busy schedule -- more time playing with the kids, helping out when they need help with their homework, going to the park and just enjoying watching my kids grow.

I like to imagine it could happen.  Maybe I won’t have to imagine it anymore if I win the newest contest with Maple Leaf Prime! 

Imagine Maple Leaf paying to have all my household chores taken care of for one year!  I wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning, and doing laundry for a whole year while I spent more time with the kids -- not to mention more time blogging!

Maple Leaf if holding a contest for the amazing prize of a year’s worth of household services.  All you have to do is enter the P.I.N.s from specially marked Maple Leaf products and you are qualified to win.  There is also the chance of winning 1 of 500 packages of Maple Leaf Prime chicken.

Why not enter today! Please note that this contest is only open to residents of Canada.
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