Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Make your Own Magnifying Glass

My daughter made this one yesterday after school.
What you need:
stiff cardboard , pencil, scissors, water, a plastic bag, tape
What you do:
1. draw the shape of a magnifying glass on the cardboard.
2. Cut around the outline and then cut out a circle from the middle.
3. Cut a piece of the plastic bag to fit the hole in the middle.
4. Carefully stretch the plastic tightly over the hole and secure it with adhesive.
5. Put a drop of water on to the plastic and hold the lens over a page in a book. You will see that you have made a magnifying glass.
What happened:
Water acts as a magnifier for this experiment. A lens can be any clear substance that has a definite shape and will bend light rays as they pass through it. Glass, plastic, and liquids can bend light. This is called refraction. When you look at objects through these materials they look different. A microscope is used for looking at very small objects. It has lenses that are a special shape. A convex lens makes objects look bigger. A concave lens makes objects look smaller.

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