Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Winter Vacation

Hello friends! How are you today? I feel cold today you know. When I got out from work last night it was snowing very badly. The road was slippery so I had to drive very carefully and slowly. By the way looks like I will be working next week. My supervisor asked me if I can work both day or afternoon. Well I said yes so I will only have 1 week off. What am I going to do with 1 week off? Maybe I can go to Ski Vermont where we could spend our family winter vacation plus my daughter would really love it. I haven’t really gone for winter vacation before and now that I have a daughter it would be the best time to go. My husband love skiing. I don’t know how but I always want to learn how to ski and Vermont skiing is the best place to go. I heard that it’s really nice place up there in the mountain. I often see the place in a TV shows and I think that it’s the right place for us to spend our family getaway. The place also offers biking, hiking, snowboarding, sleigh rides, sled dog tours, and many more.

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