Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This snowman was made by my hubby and my daughter but it's not quite done yet . Hopefully they will be able finish it very soon. It reminds me of my daughter's event for tomorrow. They will be performing the snowman song and poem as they celebrate Winter celebrations assembly. The song goes like this:
I'm a little snowman, round and white,
With my carrot nise and my scarf tied fight.
When the weather's cold it feels just right,
To wave my arms at the kid's sight.

I'm a little snowman, made of snow
My tummy and head are round, you know
I like it when the wind around me blows,
then my arms wave to and fro.

The Snowman Poem
5 little snowmen fat
Each with a funny hat,
Out came and sun
and melted one
What a sad thing was that.

4 little snowmen..
(Repeat until 1 snowmen left)

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